Saturday, May 05, 2007

Update on Steven

For anyone who doesn't know, Steven was a frequent commentator on my blog throughout the fall and early winter. He and I disagreed on just about everything, but I think we both enjoyed going back and forth with one another. He was taken out of commission, however, when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year, and I did a post on his situation in early March.

I touched base with Steven earlier this week to see how he was doing. It sounds to me like he's been through a piece of hell, but the surgery did go well, and his prognosis sounds good. He's up and taking walks now, but he will still have to go through radiation therapy.

Steven says he's been reading my blog, but he's refrained from heaping any more abuse upon me because Crypticlife and Rory have done a sufficient job of keeping me in line. Thank heaven for small favors!

Actually, I can't wait for Steven to start participating again. I've said before that I really feel good whenever someone who comments agrees with me, but I also know that it's probably the ones who disagree who do the most to make things interesting. So I'm looking forward to Steven's return from the disabled list, and I hope those who are familiar with him will keep him in their thoughts and prayers.


Blogger CrypticLife said...

Glad to hear Steven's doing a bit better, and that my efforts have kept him from overexerting himself. I'm also happy to be keeping your blog interesting. :)

The best way to know the value of one's ideas is to test them against those who disagree. There are bloggers who will simply delete disagreement, Dennis: I respect you highly for your genuine interest in the issues. I'm willing to bet you're an excellent teacher and historian.

5/07/2007 1:03 PM  

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